Every family has that rebellious brother who never follows the rules, that introverted nephew who does not like social occasions, the grandfather who tries to teach you life lessons again and again, or that jolly, drunken uncle. What these family members have in common is that they are often badly adapted, independent and sometimes unwashed, but they make every gathering a memorable one and they are close to everyone’s heart.

Within Chefs de Partie, Achterdochtig embodies all these family members and we are proud that they are part of our family.

Achterdochtig makes alternative Dutch music, which sounds like Jawbreaker, Portishead and PJ Harvey. The trio has released an album and EP on brighter records, and they are currently working on a new mixtape.

🔊 Listen to their EP ‘Laat Me Met Rust’ here:

📺 Watch the video clip for ‘Nooit Geweest’ by Catherine Willemse here:

Contact Liese via if you want Achterdochtig to shake things up at your gathering, venue or festival!

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